Event organization

Co-chair of the Workshop session - 11th Conference “Environnements Informatiques pour l’Apprentissage Humain” @EIAH 2023

I am actively involved in organizing the 11th Conference on Computer Environments for Human Learning (EIAH 2023) , which will take place from June 12th to 16th, 2023, at IMT Atlantique in Brest. This French-speaking event brings together researchers and practitioners from various disciplines who are interested in digital research in education. I am a member of the program committee and the organizing committee for this conference. I also had the privilege of chairing the “Pedagogy and ludicization” session.

Additionally, I co-chair the EIAH 2023 Workshops, which will be held prior to the main conference. Our mission is to issue a call for workshops, evaluate and select innovative and relevant thematic workshop proposals, assist organizers in preparing and promoting their workshops, facilitate interactions between facilitators and participants during the sessions, and ensure overall coherence of the workshops with the conference’s objectives and theme.

Chair of the “Virtual and Augmented Learning Environments” Session - 15th International Conference on Computer Supported Education (CSEDU2023)

As the Chair of the Virtual and Augmented Learning Environments session at the 15th International Conference on Computer Supported Education (CSEDU2023), I had the privilege of leading a session focused on the exploration of technology’s role in education. This session featured four thought-provoking papers that delved into various aspects of utilizing virtual and augmented reality in the learning process.

In my role as the session chair, I was responsible for overseeing the presentation of these papers and facilitating engaging discussions among esteemed scholars and practitioners in the field of computer-supported education. The session served as a platform for the exchange of innovative ideas, insights, and experiences, fostering collaboration and advancements in the realm of virtual and augmented learning environments.

Conference RJC-EIAH 2022 : Co-Organization of the Workshop “Design and evaluation of learning dashboards”

I had the opportunity to participate as a co-organizer in the workshop titled Design and evaluation of learning dashboards during the 9th Rencontres Jeunes Chercheurs en EIAH (RJC EIAH 2022) held in Lille from May 9th to 11th, 2022. This workshop aimed to share experiences in the design and evaluation of learning dashboards, as well as to explore adaptation and quality processes related to these tools. The outcome of this initiative was the establishment of the ATIEF working group focused on this topic. In addition to being part of the organizing committee, I had the opportunity to present my work on the LADStudio generation tool.

Conference EIAH 2021: Co-Organization of the Workshop “Participatory Design of Learning Dashboards”

The workshop Participatory Design Tool for Learning Dashboards was organized as part of the conference (EIAH 2021), which took place in Fribourg from June 7th to 11th, 2021. This workshop represents a new step in the proposal of a new participatory design tool for learning dashboards that can be used by the community. In addition to being part of the organizing committee, this workshop provided me with the opportunity to present my work on modeling dashboards for decision-making.

CERIST Challenge Days Competition: President of the 2018 and 2019 Editions

The CERIST Challenge Days competition is a national Algerian competition focused on the use of technology and artificial intelligence to improve life and the environment.

The call for participation targets young individuals who wish to engage in an idea competition centered around futuristic themes with an immediate societal impact. Winners receive personalized assistance in incubators and are supported until the effective realization of their projects.

I participated as the President (General Chair) in the first and second editions organized at CERIST in Algiers : CERIST Challenge Days’2018 (19-21 June 2018) and CERIST Challenge Days’2019 (15-17 October 2019).

Participation in scientific activities

PADLAD Working group

Research, Design, Development. Member

During my work on the design and generation of learning dashboards, I have been involved in the initiation of the PaDLAD working group. This group focuses on the development of methods and tools to support the design of learning analytics dashboards. It embraces participatory design at all levels, including organizing participatory workshops to improve the tools, collecting and sharing feedback from various stakeholders (teachers, students, administrators, researchers), disseminating the work produced by the group through different channels, and promoting and sharing the results through scientific publications and various media.

CERIST Digital Library (CERIST DL)

Development, Management and Administration. Executive Member

CERIST Digital Library is the institutional repository of the Algerian Research Centre on Scientific and Technical Information (CERIST). It provides access to the entire production of CERIST in terms of journal and conference papers, technical and research reports, theses, course materials, etc.