Models and Documentary Tools for Hypervideos on the Web (University of Bejaia - Algeria, 2011)

Supervisor: Pr. Yannick PriƩ & Dr. Olivier Aubert

Defined as a specialization of hypermedia focusing on interactive video, hypervideo is an attractive technology that promises non-conventional and powerful features. It aims to bring more powerful capabilities for video-centric documents and to offer novel user experiences with more elaborated practices and advanced interaction alternatives.

Usually defined from a conventional hypermedia perspective, the underlying concepts and representations are too general to qualify hypervideos, preventing this kind of documents from being broadly investigated. The need for theoretical foundations for hypervideos motivates the present work. With the aim to provide a formal data model that considers hypervideo beyond the very general and conventional hypermedia ones, CHM - Component-based Hypervideo Model - is an attempt to theorize hypervideos by following the general principles of component-based modeling and annotation-driven document description.

The proposed model serves as a basis for a Web-oriented implementation used as a proof of principles and a means to provide a basis for more elaborated practices of online video implementation since the features of hypervideo are grafted to wider video-based Web documents in a simple yet powerful and Web standards-compliant manner.

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