SAVAStudio is an application that supports the orchestration and monitoring of hybrid classes, which combine face-to-face and online teaching and learning activities. It consists of two modules: the Teacher Module and the Learner Module.

The Teacher Module of SAVAStudio provides powerful tools for scripting and monitoring a class. Teachers can design and implement hybrid learning scenarios by defining a sequence of steps for learners to follow during the activity. Each step can have a named duration and be configured as blocking or non-blocking. Blocking steps require learners to wait for the teacher’s approval before proceeding, ensuring synchronization and keeping the class progressing together.

In addition to scripting, the teacher module offers advanced monitoring capabilities. SAVAStudio follows the scenario defined by the teacher, monitoring learners’ progress and detecting those who are struggling to keep up with the rest of the class. The teacher can observe the overall progress of the class and access detailed information about each learner, including their current step, progress history, and requests for assistance or interactions with the teacher. This comprehensive understanding allows teachers to provide personalized support, adapt teaching strategies, and address any obstacles hindering learners’ progress.

SAVAStudio also facilitates the assessment of learners’ engagement and comprehension. The tool keeps track of interactions between the teacher and learners, displaying requests and questions sorted by criticality. This enables the teacher to respond quickly to pressing issues and evaluate their relevance to the activity. The tool provides an overall comprehension level score based on learners’ interaction history, allowing the teacher to identify learners in need of additional support or remediation. These features enhance teachers’ understanding of their learners’ needs and promote effective and efficient teaching.

The Learner Module of SAVAStudio is designed to provide a simple and intuitive interface for learners to interact with the tool during the activity. Learners can declare their progress, report their level of understanding using a Likert scale, and request help or report problems. The “panic button” enables learners to quickly request assistance from the teacher, who is promptly notified. By reporting problems or misunderstandings, learners help the teacher identify and resolve issues promptly, ensuring a smooth learning experience.

SAVAStudio aims to enhance the quality and effectiveness of hybrid learning by providing a flexible and user-friendly environment that adapts to different learning styles and preferences. With its comprehensive monitoring, feedback, and analytics capabilities, SAVAStudio empowers teachers to orchestrate and monitor hybrid classes effectively, while enabling learners to engage actively, receive personalized support, and overcome obstacles in their learning journey.